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A new line of products, called “GENESIS”, is formulated against the aging of cells.

The GENESIS products contein TB-4 Peptide, a growth factor that activates hair follicle stem cells and skin stem cells.

The therapeutic goal is the real, safe and fast Hair Re-growth and Skin Regenaration.

The Autologous Transplantation of Adult Adipose-derived Stem Cells is now performed by the physicians in ARS Medical, based on all scientific protocols of the current biotechnology.

A Personalized Treatment for anyone who wants to optimize his own health and regain the beauty of youth.

“The health of beauty and the beauty of health” is our aim.

Cosmetic plastic surgery in ARS Medical includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem.


The most innovative achievement in ARS Medical is that Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can use Autologus Adipose Stem Cells in cosmetic procedures.

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ARS Medical is an international association, established in Switzerland due to the need for efficient treatments of anti-aging, according to scientific research and current evolution of biotechnology.   
ARS Medical provide the latest methods for rejuvenation therapies, mainly  based on extracting and activating autologous blood stem cells and adult adipose-derived stem cells. The treatment protocols have been successfully implemented    in  cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery and in age management medicine.

22 Jul, 2014

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