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The Art of Hair Transplant has been perfected in ARS Medical.

An Advanced FUE Hair Microtransplant is now available for absolutely natural hair restoration in a sigle session. Regain natural hair look safely and effectively.

A hair treatment suitable for anyone( men and women).

Aesthetic perfection. No scars. No pain.

A new line of products, called “GENESIS”, is formulated against the aging of cells.

The GENESIS products contein Biomimetic Active Peptides, a growth factor that activates hair follicle stem cells and skin stem cells.

The therapeutic goal is the real, safe and fast Hair Re-growth and Skin Regenaration.

Cosmetic plastic surgery in ARS Medical includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem.


The most innovative achievement in ARS Medical is that Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can use Autologus Adipose Stem Cells in cosmetic procedures.

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ARS Medical is an international association, established in Switzerland due to the need for efficient treatments of anti-aging, according to scientific research and current evolution of biotechnology.


21 Jul, 2017

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