• {Autologous Transplantation of Adipose-Derived Activated Stem Cells as a treatment for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth}
  • Stem Cells Autologous Transplantation is the newest and the most effective hair loss treatment and is available now in ARS Medical.The physicians that perform the Stem Cell Hair Therapy are knowledgeable of current biotechnology of Stem Cells. So, thanks to advances in the science of stem cells, the physicians can help people to regrow their own lost hair.

    Stem Cells Autologous Transplantation helps the weakened hair follicles to recover their vitality. This is a method that follows the natural way of hair growth.

    In ARS Medical, the physicians  perform  Autologous Transplantation of your own Stem Cells that are harvested from your fat and are activated by specific technique before use. This hair treatment is absolutely natural and safe. There is no risk of side affects of other treatments , such as allergic reactions, infection or irritation to the skin of the scalp.

    The success of stem cell transpantation in  hair restoration is that:

    promote natural hair growth

    stimulate the weak or aged follicle

    make hair follicle  healthy and strong

    decrease inflammation

    stop the process of hair loss

    prevent from hair loss

    increase circulation to hair follicles

    improve thin and damaged hair

    strengthen the existing hair

    regenerate hair and make it healthy


    In ARS Medical, the whole program of hair restoration treatments has been proven medically effective in hair loss and hair regrowth. Stem Cells Autologous Transplantation can be combined by PRP Hair Treatment and products of line “Genesis”, which are methods of activating growth factors responsible for hair follicles regeneration.

    Men and women who use appropriate combination of treatments achieve an impressive therapeutic effect.


    Care after Session  Stem Cell Transplantation and Hair Treatment

    All our patients, men and women, utilize a stem cell hair repair products called “Genesis”. The products in this  line contain TB-4 growth factor, which is essential for the activation of your own stem cells and it is medically confirmed that the application of these products causes hair regeneration. A hair regrowth cream GENESIS  should be used once a day, a hair growth shampoo GENESIS and a conditioner GENESIS at least 3 - 5 times a week, in the immediate post the session period and at least for the first eigth months.(more)This care is suitable to do by yourself.

    The full procedure of Autologous Adipose-derived Adult Stem Cell Transplantation.


    The procedure is done without general anesthesia.The entire procedure takes around four hours.

    The process is completed in the following steps:

    1. Local anesthesia. Local anesthesia to the skin, which will be taking the fat from unwanted area.

    2. Harvest Harvest 100cc of adipose tissue,like a  mini-liposuction procedure.

    3. Separate. Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) is separated from the fat cells and isolated from other cells.

    4. Activate. ASCs are activated using specialized laser light.

    5. Return. The cells are then administered back- transplant - to the “patient” through  scalp mesotherapy.


    What is scalp mesotherapy in ARS Medical?

    Scalp mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment, which includes multiple microinjections of Autologous Adipose-derived Activated Adult Stem Cell into the mesodermal layer of the scalp skin.


    Why in ARS Medical ?

    In ARS Medical, it is guaranteed that the whole process of autologous tranplantation (extraction, activation and administration) of ASCs is consistent with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and complies with current biotechnology.

    Our physicians keep all necessary criteria to be satisfied that adult stem cells  are viable and truly functional and the procedure of transplantation is completely safe.

    These criteria are the follows:


    1. Ease of harvest (through minimally invasive procedures).

    2. Abundance in numbers (millions to billions of cells). The concentration of cells is capable of achieving the therapeutic goal.

    3.Νο need for Cell Culture in a laboratory over days in order to get the desired number

    4.Adult stem cells are transplanted immediately after their removal.

    5.The quality and quantity of the stem cells contained in the collected sample are tested in our laboratories.

    6.The treatment involves the use of your own cells, so there is no risk allergic reaction and the possibility of rejection is negligible.

    7.The  transplantation concerns only adult stem cells which are not subject to the ethical controversy .

    8.The sample is extracted and processed under sterile conditions so that the stem cells that will be administered to the patient can be infected by bacteria, viruses or fungi.

    9. In ARS Medical,our scientists apply the technique of Αutologous Τransplantation of Αctivated Αdult Stem Cells of Adipose Tissue ,that is different from fat injections.In the first case (our case),the  autograft contains a multiple number of stem cells, which also are activated and therefore functional,than in the  case of a simple fat injection.


    In ARS Medical, all medical techniques have strong scientific evidence.

    28 Jun, 2016

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