What is Growth Factor Scalp Mesotherapy in ARS Medical?

Scalp Mesotherapy is a non-surgical hair treatment, which includes multiple microinjections of  Biomimetic Active Peptides into the mesodermal layer of the scalp skin. Scalp Mesotherapy can cause hair regrowth by delivering Biomimetic Active Peptides straight to the hair follicles.


Scalp Mesotherapy with Biomimetic Active Peptides

stimulate stem cells
restore hair lost or thinning hair
stimulate hair growth.
increase the blood flow to the scalp
revive hair follicles
cut down hair loss
turn to a dark colour








Scalp Mesotherapy of Biomimetic Active Peptides  is a series of microinjections of  the peptide into the scalp to promote hair re-growth.

Use a syringe: 3~5cc and a needle: 26~27G
Hair treatment is a continual process.It is 1 session every 1 week for 1 month
-Determine the ideal maintenance treatments for each patient



Scalp Hair Re-Growth Mesotherapy is suitable for men and women with all degree of hair loss and hair thinning

It is a safe and non surgical treatment for hair restoration  without hair transplant.

In ARS Medical, Scalp Hair Re-Growth Mesotherapy can be combined with hair transplant in order to stop the process of hair loosing and to promote the revilization of all hair follicles stem cells.

25 Jun, 2016

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